10 Ways to Re-energize Over Winter Break

Winter break. Teachers have been waiting all December for it to arrive. It’s finally here! So what do you do over this student-free break? There are many things busy teachers rarely get to do. Here’s a list of ways to relax, cross things off your to-do list, and feel re-energized to start the new year.

  1. Take a bath: Light candles, play some music or just be in silence. No more background noise of children talking.
  2. Get a massage: Teachers are always on their feet, bending over to help students, and stress leads to tense muscles.
  3. Clean and organize: For some people, having a clean house helps them feel better. Maybe hire a cleaner for just that month to give yourself a break.
  4. Do something you really enjoy: Maybe it’s crafting, running, baking, or photography.
  5. Spend some fun, quality time with family: Make a snowman or have a snowball fight. Watch a movie together, bake cookies, continue a family holiday tradition or start a new one.
  6. Read: Whether it’s a book you’ve been wanting to read professionally or not, or a blog that you enjoy.
  7. Watch some tv: By the time teachers get home from school, they are exhausted and sometimes there isn’t even time for tv. Catch up on your DVR or Netflix.
  8. Exercise: If you don’t have time to go on your own, take a family walk outside or have an indoor dance party!
  9. Try a new restaurant: Teachers don’t always have time to go out to eat, and you don’t have to cook!
  10. Go see a play or show: Enjoy some good entertainment!

Enjoy the holidays with your family, take some time for yourself, reorganize, rejuvenate, and re-energize yourself for the upcoming new year.

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