3 Easy Tips to Nurture Parent Involvement in Your Classroom

In my 35+ years of teaching here are 3 tips proven successful for getting positive parental support.

Tip #1:

Take note of something positive for each one of your students (social, emotional or academic).

  • Take the time in the first few weeks of school to call every child’s parent sharing the “glow” that you have noticed and welcome them to your learning community.
  • This short 3-5 minute phone call builds rapport and establishes the feeling that we all have the same goal: learning together in a safe and caring classroom community.

Tip #2:

Monthly (or weekly) communication in the form of a classroom newsletter (via email or hardcopy) keeps parents in the “know”.

  • Parents are as busy as we are so brief and succinct will increase the likelihood of it being read.
  • My monthly communications have evolved to about ½ a page and contain bullet points for easy skimming and scanning.
  • With today’s technology, it is very simple to include pictures in your digital communication.
  • Remember…a picture is worth 1000 words…

Tip #3:

Send home a easy to fill out survey asking parents for important information that will help you understand their child. Your survey could include:

  • Basic logistical information
  • Important family information
  • Requesting their opinion on what their child needs and enjoys

Click here for a free printable parent survey in English & Spanish!