8 Tips to Keep You Sane during Testing Season

Feeling overwhelmed with the upcoming testing season? Fear not! While standardized assessments are an important part of education, they are not the only thing that makes up who you are as a teacher. They are also a single snapshot of your students and what they are able to do. Here are 8 tips to aide in your sanity this testing season!

1. Set Goals

Set goals for yourself, and set goals with each student. Try to maintain high, yet realistic, expectations. Recognize when your school or district is (or is not) doing the same.

2. Review

Review essential content through engaging activities. Not only will this help students prepare to apply their knowledge and skills, it could also be fun.

3. Teach Students how to Test

Test-taking strategies are helpful life skills that students will use over and over again. These can benefit students leading up to standardized tests when taught in moderation.

4. Continue to Teach

Avoid depriving students of the joy of learning. Make time for all subject areas and various types of learning activities instead of solely teaching to the test.

5. Reduce Testing Anxiety

Maintain routines and a safe and caring learning environment. Help students understand the importance of the test while also recognizing it isn’t the end-all-be-all.

6. Ask Questions

Check with your team or administrator if you’re unsure how to administer an assessment. Double check your testing schedule so you know where your class needs to be and when.

7. Remember it’s a Snapshot

Some students are great test-takers while others are not. Remember that a test is just one snapshot of a child, and many factors can affect the results. Helping students and parents realize that real growth over time is the goal will help to minimize the anxiety of testing.

8. Celebrate

Once testing is over, do something fun with students to celebrate. Take the time to do something nice for yourself, too! You survived, and you deserve it!


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