Bringing Joy to Virtual Teaching!

Distance learning wearing you and your students down? Let’s plan to include a new fun activity this week to help spark creativity and joy during our virtual teaching session:

  • Visit the San Diego Zoo (Free for you!)
    • Everything you need for the “field trip”
    • Resources include both teacher lesson and student facing google slide presentation
    • Virtual Field Trips – Great ideas for taking your students on field trips
    • Get in the groove and go twice a month or even once a week!
    • Connect your field trip with your theme or unit of study in science, social studies or ELA
  • Scavenger Hunt: Great resource for ideas!
    • Think of some common items that we find in our homes
    • Set a timer (remind your students this is not about who “wins”…it’s about having fun!

  • Try out Kahoot! A virtual card game that’s free!


Interested in our FREE San Diego Zoo Virtual Field Lesson Plan?

Virtual Field Trip Includes: Teacher Lesson Plan, Teacher Directions, Student Facing Google Slides, & Writing Activity by Grade Level

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