District Lesson Plans: Save Time When
Teachers Attend Professional Development

Illustration of a classroom with a teacher's desk front and center Illustration of a classroom with a teacher's desk front and center Illustration of a classroom with a teacher's desk front and center

Solid Tier 1 classroom instruction lays the foundation for successful and competent students at every grade level.

The process of educating our young people is always evolving and requires continuous improvement on the part of teachers. In order to assist teachers as they strive to become better educators, districts offer professional development throughout the school year. However, this often leaves the classrooms in the hands of substitute teachers while the full-time instructors attend professional development — requiring the full-time teachers to put in the time to throughly spell out in advance exactly what should be taught in their absences.

What if regular classroom teachers were able to take part in their new learning opportunities without the stress of spending 1-2 hours writing plans for substitutes? Daybreak Lesson Plans offers substitute lesson plans for teachers going to professional development, designed to take the stress out of prepping for time away from the classroom.

The Benefits of Districtwide Lesson Plans for Substitutes

The lesson plans that can be purchased from Daybreak Lesson Plans offer several benefits. First and foremost, there’s no need for each teacher to create an individual lesson plan. Instead, plans can be purchased for an entire group of teachers. This obviously provides time savings, while also assuring that there’s a continuity in what’s being taught for all students at a given grade level. Our lesson plans also are fully customizable for teachers’ and students’ collective needs. Using Daybreak Lesson Plans also does the following:

  • Provides teachers with a resource to choose quality substitute lesson plans based on Common Core
  • Provides “exit tickets” to give to teachers so they know what the students learned in their absence
  • Allows grade-level teams to choose the same lesson for continuity of instruction within the scope and sequence of their standards instruction
  • Gives district and school leaders peace of mind, because they are ensured that quality education is occurring when the regular classroom teacher is out learning, planning in professional learning communities or supporting other teachers

There is an expression that when you put “something” on someone’s plate, something needs to come off. When you put the “something” of professional development on your teachers’ plates, you need to take away a responsibility. Daybreak Lesson Plans can help ease the stress for teachers in planning for attending professional development.

Daybreak will allow teachers to come to their planning or professional development time confident that their students will continue learning while they are away, and appreciative that there was one less thing on their “to do” list. Because these are substitute lesson plans for groups of teachers, districts can easily send a group of classroom teachers to a professional learning opportunity without compromising the continuity of the school year and the instruction students receive.

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