Lesson Plans by Grade Level

As a teacher or school administrator, you likely already have enough on your plate. The time spent in your classroom with your students is precious. Every minute counts when it comes to building young minds to become the thinkers and doers of tomorrow. With so much of your time being taken by teaching, grading and classroom management, an unexpected illness or family emergency can throw your schedule into chaos. Taking time away from your classroom duties for any reason is a disruption you can’t easily afford, especially when you have to write detailed lesson plans for your substitute to follow.

That’s why we at Daybreak Lesson Plans have created scripted substitute lesson plans that will ensure your students receive the best instruction, even in your absence. No matter what takes you out of your classroom, you can rest easier knowing that the plans created by Daybreak Lesson Plans will keep your students on track.

Made by Teachers for Teachers

Daybreak Lesson Plans offers a variety of plans written by teachers with years of classroom experience and a strong understanding of current Common Core standards and principles. With one hour, half-day and full-day plans available, Daybreak Lesson Plans helps guarantee not a single minute will be wasted in your classroom, even when you can’t be there to help your students. We offer you comprehensive lesson plans in the following subjects:

  • Math lesson plans (lessons listed here can be removed based on client feedback
  • English language arts lesson plans

What to Expect

The process couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is choose your grade level and the corresponding standards. Then, download the lesson plans that fit your needs and send them to your school secretary or directly to your substitute. The lessons are fully scripted, engaging and based in Common Core standards. Plus, they come with exit tickets so you’ll know exactly what your students learned while you were out of the classroom. Lesson plans are available at a discount when you buy a bundle, and there are no subscription fees.

Our lesson plans are prepared by knowledgeable, experienced classroom teachers with extensive understanding of Common Core standards. Our teachers have prepared these plans to be engaging and effective no matter what the subject. That means, even the most inexperienced substitute teacher should have no trouble using them successfully in your classroom.

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Your time in the classroom is extremely valuable, for you and your students. Having to step outside of the classroom due to illness or any other reason is something no teacher looks forward to doing. However, with fully prepared lesson plans from Daybreak Lesson Plans, you’ll be able to keep your students engaged and learning without worrying about spending hours preparing your substitute. Whether you’re teaching math, language arts, science or history, Daybreak Lesson Plans can help your students get the quality instruction they need, even when you can’t be in the classroom.