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1st Grade Informational: Communication Devices

1st Grade • Half Day Lesson Plan
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Lesson Plan Description

In this half day (3 segments related to NGSS PS.4) Informational Text ELA lesson, 1st graders will read complex text and answer text-dependent questions in order to identify the main idea and key details, compare and contrast information in the text, classify/sort different devices based on different time periods and have the opportunity to create their own communication device.  In segment 1, students will determine main topic and key details, discover ways to compare the different communication devices, and classify them according to time periods.  In segment 2, the students will analyze the text structure (compare/contrast) and collaboratively create a Venn diagram.   Segment 3 offers to  students the opportunity to create their own 2D or 3D communication device using paper, write down the facts about the newly created device and share this information with the class.  Exit tickets (the work created by the students during each segment) provide you with important feedback to determine instructional next steps.