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2.NBT.4 Comparing 3 Digit Numbers

2nd Grade • 1 Lesson Plan with a Bonus Game/Activity
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Lesson Plan Description

In this fully-scripted, 1/2 day lesson plan, students will compare 3 digit numbers using <,>,= symbols, and determine the correct place value in order to form 3-digit numbers.  By playing the game “Who is Greater” 2nd graders will demonstrate their understanding of this math standard.

In segment 1, using the gradual release model,  students will review the symbols (<,>,=) as well as place value for 3 digit numbers using personal whiteboards.  After the review, they will work with partners using dice to play “Roll, Write, Compare”.

In segment 2, students play the game “Who is Greater” with multiple partners.  Using a deck of cards (only 1-9), they play a quick card game creating 3 digit numbers each turn.  The person with the greater number keeps the cards.  Your children will have a blast!

Exit slips are available for you providing valuable instructional information regarding your students understanding of the greater, lesser and equal 3 digit numbers.