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5 Key Strategies for Engagement E Book

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, ELL, Kindergarten Grade • Printables

Lesson Plan Description

Scanning the classroom on the first day of school, you may wonder as a teacher what tips and tricks you’ll use this year to keep your students engaged in their own learning. How much of an impact could some new and simple tools bring when added to your instructional toolbox, specially-made for developing student collaboration and academic language?

With these 5 simple protocols, developed by award-winning educator Joy Wenke, your students can build relationships, social skills, AND grow their academic knowledge at the same time. How amazing does that sound?

“Joy’s workshop [on student engagement] was one of the best I’ve been to so far…because [her] strategies are so brilliant and practical, and [she has] such a kind spirit.”

World History Teacher – Monterrey CA

After 35 years of classroom experience with students of all ages, Joy says, “keep it simple” to create true impact. “With these strategies, you’ll get exactly that. And guess what? It works!!”