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Addition within 10

Kindergarten • Half Day Lesson Plan
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Lesson Plan Description

This half day of lesson plans is broken down into 3 separate segments (45-60 minutes each) addressing addition within 10 (K.OA.1). These lessons include: practicing addition within 10 in a variety of ways and concludes with some games to reinforce the skill.

  • Segment 1: Students will add two groups of items together by acting out the addition problem, drawing pictures and counting objects.
  • Segment 2: Students will add two numbers together by counting boxes in a ten frame and counting dots on dice.
  • Segment 3: Students will play games where they will add two numbers together by counting objects, hopping on a number line, building towers, and coloring boxes.

These lessons can be taught over the span of a half day or you can use the lessons independently, broken up over several days.