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“The Crow and the Pitcher” Fable: Graphic Novel – Plot

4th Grade • 1 Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Description

Grab this engaging and thoughtful 1 hour fully scripted close reading lesson plan using the fable “The Crow and the Pitcher”!  Practice strategic student engagement strategies to help nurture oracy and fluency.  Your students will collaborate with their peers in order to:

  • Participate in a series of engaging close reading lessons with many opportunities to develop vocabulary through oral language practice
  • Ask and answer text dependent questions in order synthesize, summarize and infer the purpose of this fable
  • Create a graphic novel to demonstrate their understanding of the main events and defend their interpretation of the moral/lesson

**Purchasing both this 1 hour and the ELA Bundle: “The Crow and the Pitcher” Fable Bundle,” will result in duplicated content.