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Interpreting Products: Groupings

3rd Grade • 1 Hour Lesson
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Lesson Plan Description

This is a 1-hour, fully scripted Third Grade Math lesson plan addressing interpreting products: using groupings, repeated addition and skip counting (3.OA.A1). This lesson is intended to be an introductory lesson on interpreting products through drawings and groupings. Students will recognize the relationship between multiplication and repeated addition. In addition to this they will show products in multiplication as a multiplication equation matching “a” number of groups with “b” number of objects in each group. The lesson begins with review and note taking for reference, then moves into partner or independent practice, and concludes with a short exit slip to check for understanding.

**The content of this lesson is derived from a portion of the Half Day Lesson Plan: Interpreting Products: Groupings and Arrays. Purchasing both this 1 hour and the half day plan, will result in duplicate content.