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2nd Grade Measurement: Choosing the Appropriate Measurement Tool

2nd Grade • 1 Hour Lesson and Game
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Lesson Plan Description

In this fully-scripted, 2nd grade math lesson, students will measure and choose the appropriate measurement tool for centimeters, inches, feet or yards.  By working in collaboration with partners, and explaining why each tool was chosen, they will demonstrate their understanding of this skill by playing a Scavenger Hunt Game.

In segment 1, with the gradual release method, your students will discuss different situations that call for measurement and decide which tool is appropriate to use.  Measuring objects and explaining why the tool was chosen with partners allows the children to practice measuring objects using proper measuring techniques.

In Segment 2, students play a Measurement Scavenger Hunt Game that gives them the opportunity to practice the skills of measurement using different tools and proper techniques.

Exit slips are available that will provide valuable instructional information to you regarding your students understanding of measuring with different types of tools.