6 Ways to Gear Up for I Love to Read Month

With the month of February here,  it’s time to start thinking about I Love to Read Month! Whether celebrated at a school or classroom level, I Love to Read Month is a great opportunity to promote the love of reading with your students! Here are six ways to do just that.


  1. Read and discuss a book together. This can be a community read or one shared between just you and your students. The chance to share a book is invaluable, especially when it’s one your students can relate to and one you’re passionate about.
  2. Set reading goals. How many books will students challenge themselves to read this month? How much time do they plan to spend reading? Encourage students to set realistic goals and to hold themselves and each other accountable.
  3. Hold reading-related activities. Host guest readers or hold a read-in to get your students excited about reading. Involve students by encouraging them to come up with a list of books they might like to read with their guests. Allowing students to read with a friend or stuffed animal can make a read-in memorable.
  4. Study authors and the writing craft. Learn about writers and the process of creating books to help students make the reading and writing connection. Create a class book or support students in making books of their own.
  5. Take part in a service project. Share the love of reading and help students learn important citizenship skills by donating books, reading with people in the community, and creating posters that encourage others to read.

Give book talks. Introduce students to new books through book talks. Share a brief summary of a different book each day without giving away the ending. Encourage students to share the books they’re reading with each other, too.


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