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Need help in learning Spanish, becoming a better writer or reader in English or learning English as a Second Language? Let me help you!

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Spanish as a Second Language

Struggling to read, write or speak Spanish? As a certified bilingual teacher in the state of California with over 35 years of experience, let me help you gain confidence and a better understanding of the grammar, structure and spoken word of Spanish ¡Sí se puede!

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As the ultimate (and most difficult) form of communication, many of us struggle with the art of writing. With structured guidance and support writing can be fun! Using visual structures to brainstorm and plan, let’s learn together how to write with precision, clarity and purpose.

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English as a Second Language

Learning to speak, read and write English proficiently requires practice, practice and more practice! Working with English Language Learners for over 35 years, I have the tools and strategies to help you or your child make progress towards fluency in English. Let’s have fun and learn together!

Meet Joy

Joy Wenke has worked in both urban and rural areas for more than 33 years as a bilingual teacher, coach, and as an educational consultant. She understands the hard work and dedication it takes to be a teacher. Throughout her career, the majority of the students she taught were identified as English Language Learners. Along the way, she got her M.S. in Educational Leadership as well as an administrative credential. In reflecting on the goal for students to become proficient at reading and writing complex informational text, it is her professional opinion that we are all academic English Language Learners. Her passion is to help teachers grow in their personal practices. She facilitates educators to better meet the needs of all their students by purposefully and meaningfully using academic language across the content areas in speaking, reading, and writing.

For the last several years, Joy has been providing professional development to teachers on lesson design, execution of instruction, as well as conducting model lessons with students. Working with professional learning communities, she coaches teachers on the analysis of student work for the purpose of designing powerful and engaging instruction. One of her primary goals is to help teachers incorporate strong oral language practice in collaborative ways with their students in order to support academic language development in both speaking and writing across the content areas.

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What people have been saying…

Joy is an excellent educator. She embodies a very unique blend of exceptional professional development skills and coaching. During the many years I have worked with Joy she has taken on numerous tasks that required her to go above and beyond as she worked with our teachers and staff members. She wholeheartedly embraced these tasks and contributed to positive outcomes for all.

Sheila Murphy-Brewer, EdD. Read the full reference

As Joy’s resumé shows that she has a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills that make her a well-rounded candidate for a consultant position. Her ability to work with others is apparent in her rapport with staff, and her communication skills in English and Spanish allow her to reach more parents. Joy’s passion for equity in education for English Learners is evident. She is undoubtedly a qualified candidate as a consultant in the area of educational professional development.

Lonna Martinez Director Educational Services Read the full reference

“She demonstrated the ability to conceptualize the needs of our site and personnel and incorporate that information into services to our staff that directly supported teacher and student success. Our new and veteran teachers are thriving as a result of her support.”

Jackie Vo-Felbinger Principal, Curtner Elementary


Customize your professional development to match what you and your team need. Not sure? Have Joy create the perfect combo for you.

My rate is currently $85/hour to match the needs of families.

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Local (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)

  • Professional Development full-day = $2,100
  • Professional Development ½ day = $1,500
  • PLC Coaching daily rate = $1,000
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Outside of the Bay Area

  • Professional Development full-day = $2,500 + airfare cost
  • PLC Coaching daily rate = $1,500 + airfare cost

Hybrid Full Day

  • Complete day of training with blend of professional learning coaching and professional development.
  • Local (San Francisco Bay Area) rate = $1,500
  • Outside of Bay Area rate = $2,100 + airfare cost

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Phone: 408.529.2036