Frequently Asked Questions

What grade levels do you serve?

Currently Daybreak Lesson Plans offers resources for teachers of Kindergarten through 5th grade.

What content areas are covered on your site?

We offer:

  • ELA
    • reading
    • writing components
  • Math
  • Science
    • Physical Science
    • Life Science
    • Earth Science
  • Social Studies
    • Civics/Government
    • Economics
    • Geography
    • History
  • Newcomer- ELD (English Language Development)
  • Social Emotional
  • Diversity
  • Seasonal Activities

Our resources are either fully or lightly scripted. We offer lesson plans, printables, and mini lessons.

Who are these plans designed for? Teachers, parents, substitutes, tutors...?

Our plans are fully scripted with the intent of being a resource to anyone who picks them up. They great resources for parents, substitute teachers, homeschool teachers, tutors, or teachers new to the field or grade level. Our plans are loaded with great lesson ideas, games/activities, and printables that can be used by even the most seasoned educator. Just because our plans are scripted, doesn’t mean they would need to be read verbatim!

Why are all of your plans scripted?

At Daybreak Lesson Plans all of our lessons are fully scripted by actual seasoned teachers across the US. We align all lessons to the CCSS and select teaching strategies, vocabulary, and activities based on current best practice. Our plans offer the foundation necessary to properly teach content on a particular standard.

Obviously you have the option to either read the plan verbatim, much like a script, or to skim the plan as a model or guide of how a certified teacher would present the content. We feel that knowledge is power, we are arming teachers, parents, substitutes, tutors or anyone else who may be using the plans with ELL tips/strategies, Differentiation tips/strategies, classroom management techniques, as well as current methods of instruction.

How do I determine how much content to download for a full day?

We offer:

  • Games/Activities/Mini Lessons
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • ELD Newcomer Lessons
  • 45 minute- 1 hour Lessons in ELA/Math/Science/Social Studies
  • Lesson Plan Bundles (Several lessons on one topic)

We would suggest picking a few lessons to cover a days worth of time.

  • 1 Math lesson on the standard you are currently covering
  • 1 Literary or Informational ELA lesson
  • 1 Science or Social Studies lesson
  • 1 Mini lesson or Seasonal Activity

Or you can select an ELA and a Math Bundle. Each bundle has enough content to get you through 2.5-3 hrs.

Using our Classroom Logistic Page is a great way to map out your daily schedule and indicate which lesson to be covered when!

What if my students aren’t performing on grade level?

You are free to search through any grade levels lessons and resources. Select a plan from the previous grade level as a review of the previous years skills or select a plan from the grade level above as a challenge for more advanced students.

I don’t like the idea of a parent or substitute teaching my students new content. What do you recommend?

We totally understand that in your classroom you want things to be covered in the way you would cover them. We would recommend that you select a lesson that reviews something you have previously taught that you would like your students to review and practice. Or select a lesson from the grade level below.

You can email this to the parents of your students or provide it for a substitute teacher to cover in your absence. This will allow your students a refresher of what they previously learned, almost like building background before you return and present your students with new content for your particular grade level.

Do all of your lesson plans required printing?

We have noted in the description section of each lesson plan any printable that is required and also identified any that are optional. Most of the time an ELA text is the only truly required printable resource. The rest of the printables could easily be projected using a document camera for students to duplicate/copy on blank paper. We provide the printable resources for ease of use. If a teacher is able to print all of the printable resources it will simply save time during the lesson if students do not need to copy a handout onto blank paper.

How can I become a lesson writer for Daybreak lesson plans?

We are always looking for certified and experienced K-5 teachers with a strong foundation in ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Social Emotional, or English Language Development. If you are interested in starting the process of becoming a lesson writer please email your interest to