Jennifer Kaul

Text Writer

Jennifer Kaul graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education. She majored in language arts, minored in science, and was part of the honors program. While earning her degree, she completed a thesis on integrating literature into the content areas of math, science, and social studies. She went on to present this thesis at the university’s undergraduate symposium and received a scholarship award as a result.

Jennifer has six years of elementary teaching experience, four teaching departmentalized fifth grade language arts and two teaching fourth grade in a self-contained classroom. While teaching, she served as a member of the language arts committee, the common assessment team, and the leadership team. She had the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues as well as experts in best practices to create standards-based instructional materials and assessments.

In addition to her time in the classroom, Jennifer has two years of curriculum development experience. Working on projects spanning from kindergarten through sixth grade allowed her to gain a deeper familiarity with standards across grade levels. She researched and composed several exam passages and instructional texts, many of which encourage students to consider environmental factors, historical events, and new technologies. She also worked to revamp an anthology program that included a textbook, workbook, and teacher guide.

Jennifer has written her fair share of sub plans. She knows how hard it can be to try to think of everything someone might need to successfully teach your students, especially when it’s early in the morning and you’re not feeling well. Jennifer has also been on the other side, as a substitute teacher, and often felt the quality of her day (and that of the students) was directly related to the quality of the sub plans left. She hopes her work for Daybreak can help make life easier for all those involved!

Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband and their baby girl, reading, playing the clarinet, and writing children’s/young adult literature. For more information or to check out her writing (much of which is appropriate for classroom use!), visit her at