Yvette Kirchhoff

Director of Operations

Yvette Kirchhoff, our Director of Operations, graduated from the University of Illinois in 2009 with a degree in Elementary Education and later obtained her CLAD credential through Stanford University.

Out of college, Yvette taught in San Jose, California for 4 years, during which she spent 3 years teaching 4th grade and her last year serving as a Kindergarten teacher in the morning and Academic Dean in the afternoon. The majority of her students that she taught during those 4 years were identified as English Language Learners. It was during that time that Yvette also served as the school’s RtI coach, was a member of her school’s Instructional Leadership Team, and mentored 2 student teachers. After spending 4 years in California (and falling in love with the Bay Area), Yvette and her husband decided that it was time to move back to their home state of Illinois. Here she spent 3 years as a bilingual 4th grade teacher in Elmhurst.

It was during her last year of teaching that Yvette found herself out of the classroom quite a bit due to the fact that she was a part of her district’s 4th grade Curriculum Development Team and also had a baby girl at home. She understands personally the struggle that teachers face when they want to do the right thing for their family and career, but also have children that they care about in the classroom. Leaving quality sub plans was a high priority for Yvette and she would find herself spending hours in the evenings as she prepared to be out of the classroom, or would run into school at 5 AM when she found her daughter had woken up sick.

Currently Yvette is taking some time away from the classroom to be with her 2 year old daughter and to help her entrepreneurial husband with his company. She is enjoying being a part of the beginning of Daybreak Lesson Plans as she believes that it’s going to be greatly helpful to teachers.