How a Lesson Plan Changed a Teacher’s Life

You won’t believe the true impact we can have on each others’ lives as educators

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Does this sound familiar? Cindy is an exceptional elementary school teacher at a school in the Bay Area of California. During her teaching career, she has transformed the lives of many of her students through her dedication & compassion.

But one day, Cindy’s father in the Philippines unexpectedly fell gravely ill. Like so many hard-working teachers, she didn’t have time to write weeks of lesson plans under these pressing circumstances. You can probably imagine the unbelievable stress that she was under.

So, what happened?

How did Cindy overcome this difficult time in her personal & teaching life?

Teachers just like Cindy came together to save one of their own. We educators have changed so many lives with our lesson plans. Why couldn’t Cindy have hers changed too?

That day, Daybreak Lesson Plans was born.

Cindy signed up for one of our first memberships & through it found how:

  • Teachers just like her were right by her side
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How awesome is that?!

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Elementary teachers just like you have been empowered by a membership to quality lesson plans.

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Awesome Lesson Ratings - Daybreak Lesson Plans

"Thank you! Lifesaver!"

– Carrie A. (1st Grade Teacher)

Awesome Lesson Ratings - Daybreak Lesson Plans

"Thank you for giving me a resource to use when an unexpected sickness hits and I can have a prepared sub plan that is not just busy work!"

– Cheri B. (4th & 5th grade ELA educator)

Awesome Lesson Ratings - Daybreak Lesson Plans

"This is a very good resource to have on hand [...] Thank you."

– Mavis S. (3rd Grade Teacher)

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