We write your sub plans so you don't have to!

Have you ever needed emergency substitute plans at the last minute?

Typically, teachers will go to work ill, or run into school to make copies of worksheets for students only to turn around and fall into bed because it takes too long to write the quality plans you want to leave for your guest teacher. Perhaps you call your colleagues and ask them to help you out if there is an emergency. Are you tired of spending 1 to 2 hours planning for instruction when you are out for a teacher training?

Welcome to Daybreak! We have solved this problem for you! In less than 10 minutes, you can download quality, engaging, and scripted Common Core based lessons that fit with your instruction. Simply choose your grade level and corresponding standards then download and send them to your secretary or substitute. Minimum copies required and lessons include exit tickets so you will know what was learned in your absence.

We offer a variety of options to meet your needs.

  • 1 Hour ELA or Math Lessons ($2)
  • Half Day ELA or Math Lessons ($4-6)
  • Combine 2 Half Day Lessons to create a full day of plans ($10-12)
  • ELL Newcomer Lesson Plans ($4)