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Equals Sign: Add/Subtract within 20

1st Grade • Half Day Lesson Plan
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Lesson Plan Description

In this 1st grade math lesson for Operations and Algebraic Thinking, students will practice understanding the value of the equal sign and solve problems to determine if equations are true or false.  They will work collaboratively solving equations for both addition and subtraction and demonstrate their understanding of the concepts by playing a matching equations memory game.

In segment 1, the students will explain what the equals sign means and solve equations (on both sides of the equal sign) in order to determine if the number sentence is true or false.

In Segment 2, Students will continue to solve number sentences with the equals sign shown on both sides of the equation.  They will match equations to sums and differences as well as write equations that are equal to each other.

This lesson includes exit slips for each segment that will provide valuable instructional information to you regarding your students understanding of the equal sign and addition and subtraction within 20.