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2nd Grade: Measure Twice Using Different Units of Length

2nd Grade • 1 Hour Lesson and Game
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Lesson Plan Description

In this fully-scripted 2nd grade math lesson, students will measure an object twice using different units of length and compare how the two measurements are related to the size of the unit chosen.  By measuring a friend, they will demonstrate in “real-life” the relationship between the size of the unit and the number of  units required to cover a length.

In segment 1, in a gradual release method with sentence frames to practice the academic language of math, students will measure objects twice using both centimeters and inches.  Working with partners, they measure different classroom objects to practice the skill.

In segment 2,  students will practice this skill in “real-life” by measuring their partners.  They will demonstrate their understanding of measuring using two different types of measurement and compare how the 2 measurements are related to the size of the unit chosen.

Exit slips provide valuable instructional information to you regarding your students understanding of concept of measuring with different forms of measurement.