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Addition Within 100 Bundle with Doughnut Craft

1st Grade • Craft, Lesson Plan Bundle

Lesson Plan Description

Integrated art and math is fun and engaging!  In this bundle of lessons, support your students understanding of foundational addition math skills by using strategic partner talk to build the academic “language” of math and number sense to 100.  Have them show you they “know” through drawing and labeling.  Your students will:

  • Segment 1: collaborate with partners, practice key math vocabulary, add 2-digit plus 1 digit, 2-digit plus multiple of 10, explain their reasoning on why they had to regroup when adding, and use drawings or base 10 blocks to represent their addition problem
  • Segment 2: demonstrate their understanding of the concepts by adding 2-digit plus multiple of 10 and creating a donut craft representing tens and ones in an addition problem

These lessons can be taught over the span of a half day or you can use the lessons independently, broken up over several days.