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Fable: The Crow and the Pitcher

5th Grade • 3 Lesson Plans
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Lesson Plan Description

This half day of lesson plans is broken down into 4 separate segments (30-60 minutes each) addressing several ELA standards using the fable, “The Crow and the Pitcher”. Your students will use close reading comprehension techniques, create a graphic novel, write a summary, and create a cartoon strip.

  • Segment 1: students will synthesize a fable to discover key details and find a central message.
  • Segment 2: students will determine the main events of a fable and analyze a character. In addition, students will create a graphic novel to show their understanding of main events and sequential order.
  • Segment 3: students will identify and defend the lesson or moral of a fable using text supports and identify words or phrases that help with visualizing the fable.
  • Segment 4: students will write a summary and create a cartoon strip identifying key details from the fable.

These lessons can be taught over the span of a half day or you can use the lessons independently, broken up over several days.