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Groupings of Tens and Ones: Making Two-Digit Numbers Using Tens and Ones (Expanded Form)

1st Grade • 1 Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Description

Math is more than memorization!  Nurturing number sense for first graders is an imperative building block to transferring and applying their understanding to more complex math skills.  Your “littles” will:

  • Collaborate with partners in order to practice the “language” of math and determine number value in different ways
  • Bundle objects into groups of tens and ones and count by tens and ones
  • Build a two-digit number using base-ten blocks and practice counting by tens and ones
  • Draw and write a number sentence in expanded form to represent two-digit numbers


**Purchasing both this 1 hour and the Math Bundle:Groupings of Tens and Ones Bundle,” will result in duplicate content.