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Multiplication of Fractions by Whole Numbers

4th Grade • 1 Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Description

The more we provide the space for our 4th graders to “talk it out” when it comes to multiplying fractions the better ?  !  Use this lesson as a review, introduction or even a formative assessment to determine where to begin with your instruction.  Your 4th graders will:

  • Collaborate with peers and practice the language of “fractions”
    • Pose and respond to specific questions to clarify or follow up on information
    • Make comments that contribute to the discussion and link to the remarks of others
  • Model with fractions by applying and extending previous understanding of multiplication to multiply a fraction by a whole number
  • Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
  • Review the key ideas expressed and explain their own ideas and understanding
  • Demonstrate their understanding by playing games with dice or playing cards
  • Complete an exit slip to help you determine next instructional steps