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Pre-Buy Credits for your Future Lesson Plan Needs!


This is like buying an “insurance policy” for your sick days.

We allow you to pre purchase coins, which are like credits to your account at discounted rates. By purchasing our 50 coin bundle you have 5 days worth of coins to be used whenever you may need them. Then when the need arises download the plans you need and apply your coins to the purchase. No need to take out a credit card -or- go through the whole checkout process.

Our coins have a $1 value, 1 coin = $ 1. They never expire, so there is no risk of losing them at the end of the school year!

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Discounted Coin Bundles

The “Insurance Policy” for Your Sick Days!

Be prepared for any kind of absence.

Bundle Price Savings What Can You Buy! Add to Cart
2 Coins $2   1 hour or 1 game Buy Now
6 Coins $6   Half Day Buy Now
10 Coins $10 $9.50 5% 1 Day Buy Now
20 Coins $20 $17 15% 2 Days ($8.50 a day) Buy Now
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Cost of Our Lesson Plans

  • 1 Hour Lesson Plan: $2
  • Half Day Lesson Plan: $6
  • Whole Day Lesson Plan: $10 (either pre-bundled or choice 2 Half Days)

**The content of many 1 hour lesson plans is derived from a half day plan. Purchasing both the 1 hour and the half day plan, will result in duplicate content. Be sure to check the product description of the 1 hour plans to find out what half day plan it is derived from.

Teaching Resources Designed by Teachers for Teachers

Daybreak Lesson Plans is a community where hard-working teachers can find quality lesson plans for their substitutes when needed. Most of us are required to have 3 days of lesson plans on file for those emergency situations. The teacher team at Daybreak has written these plans for you.

Lesson Plan Format

The lessons focus not only on the ELA and Math Common Core Standards, they include engaging student protocols that address the Speaking and Listening Standards. Written in a scripted format (so that anyone could deliver the lesson), each segment includes an exit ticket so you (the classroom teacher) will know what the students learned while you were away.

These are the perfect lesson plans for elementary school teachers who are new to teaching or for evaluation lessons. Is your team looking for common formative assessments? Daybreak Lesson Plans can help you.

Try Our Lesson Plans

You get to choose the grade level and standard for your lesson. Minimal copies are required and the plans can be sent electronically to your secretary or substitute. Expect rigorous learning from your students even when you are not in the classroom. We know how little time teachers have for planning instruction in general. Give yourself the gift of time; time to take care of yourself, your children and family and help ensure your students are learning in your absence. Join us today!

Best part, your coins NEVER expire! So no need to worry about buying too many and losing them. Think of it like buying an insurance policy for yourself, but one that rolls over into the next year. The more coins you buy, the more you save!

*Disclaimer: The content of many 1 hour lessons and gamesĀ is derived from a portion of a Half Day Lesson Plan. Purchasing both the 1 hour and the half day plan, will result in duplicated content.

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