8 Ways to Prevent Teacher Burnout

1. Be Present

Whether you’re in the classroom, home with family, or out with friends, focus on the now. Enjoy the people you’re with and the activities you’re taking part in rather than worrying about your to-do list.

2. Eat Healthy

Fill your fridge with pre-cut fruits and veggies, and stock your pantry with healthy grab-and-go snacks. Plan meals ahead and make a grocery list before shopping to help you stay on track.

3. Get Exercise

Walk a few laps around your school with colleagues in the morning. Walk or bike to school if you live close by. When students get restless, lead them in a quick stretch break.

4. Go Outside

Weather permitting, eat lunch outside, take your students out for independent reading time, or plan a weekly lesson that can be delivered in a natural setting.

5. Journal

Reflect, not just to hone your teaching skills, but also to sort through your feelings and think through any issues that arise. Keep a gratitude journal to take note of the positive things in your life, including all of the meaningful things that you do.

6. Talk it Through

Maintain your relationships and don’t be afraid to ask for support from trusted family members, friends, and colleagues. They can empathize with you, give helpful advice, and be there to just listen.

7. Treat Yourself

Have a glass of wine, go out for an ice cream cone, take a warm bath, or buy yourself that new pair of shoes you’ve been eying. Do something nice for yourself – you most certainly deserve it.

8. Relax

Allow yourself time to meditate, sleep, or do something you enjoy. Prioritize yourself once in awhile so you can be your best self both in and out of the classroom.