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Promoting Self-Regulation in the Classroom

Keeping students with attentional differences engaged in lessons can be challenging, as can managing the resulting disruptions to the class. Use these strategies to teach behavioral self-regulation to your students in order to help your class run smoothly and keep all students engaged.

Managing A Classroom As A New Substitute

Becoming a substitute teacher can be scary. After all, you will be walking into a new situation almost every day of your working career. Will the class be rambunctious and unruly? Or, will the students be attentive and eager to learn? Will you be spending the day with adorable 5-year-olds? Or sardonic teens? Will you have to invent lessons as the day goes on, flying by the seat of your pants? Or, will the teacher for which you’re subbing have a well-planned-out day scheduled for you and the students?

Using Rewards in the Classroom – Reinforcing Positive Behavior

Having trouble finding rewards to give to your students that aren’t going to create entitled students? Try putting a spin on the tangible rewards and come up with rewards that give students opportunities/experiences to shine and build self-esteem or be a helpful member or mentor to the classroom and school community. Here are 20 free ideas to implement in your classroom.

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