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The First day of School for Teachers

The first day of school for teachers is quite different than the first day of school for your students. First, summer is gone. How? What? Where did it go? Well, time flies when you’re having fun, and we can only imagine just how much fun you had this summer. But that time of year is now behind us, and it’s almost the first day of school for teachers across the country. It’s time to organize for the year ahead, set up your classroom, and get your lesson plans in order.

Meet the teacher: A Creative Guide

It’s that time again to meet the teacher, and we curated this guide to help you make the best first impression on your students. When your students ‘meet the teacher’, it’s an important part of the first day of school. Those first few moments with your new students will shape the rest of the year for your classroom.

Making Back to School Night a Success 

Back to school night. Every school has one and every teacher dreads them. However, back to school night is the perfect opportunity to open up your classroom doors to the parents/guardians of your prospective students. It’s a time to share the curriculum you will be teaching this year, the rules you have for your classroom, and your vision as a teacher.