Closer Looking: Gateway to Teaching Complex Text

A picture is worth a 1000 words….

Have you ever really thought about that expression?  When we look at pictures, we do not need any reading skills, all we need is the ability to look closely and find the evidence for our questions in the details of the photograph.  Everyone can “read” a picture.  Over the past 3 years, I have successfully used closer looking lessons as the gateway to complex text.  It is a win/win for all your students.  They can learn how to work cooperatively, and have academic discussions with their peers around analysis of pictures or art.  

Teacher tools for closer looking lessons

This free prezi resource, Closer Looking: Gateway to Teaching Complex Text, includes a model lesson and template for using any picture to teach main idea and details, finding evidence and making inferences.  It’s ready to go! All you need is paper, sticky notes, a projector, and your students!  You will want to download the other free resource for teaching engagement strategies so that you have the “how to’s” for the protocols that will get your students moving and talking about the content in complex text.

Having fun with complex text

Mmmm, really??  Starting with a picture related to your complex text helps ensure that all your students have an access point to begin their analysis of text at their grade level.  In addition, they can learn how to find and cite evidence as well as draw conclusions, and make inferences while enjoying the process!