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“Chrysanthemum” – Categorizing Names by Quantity

1st Grade • 1 Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Description

We learn skills and concepts when our brains find patterns between different as well as related topics.  Using the book, Chrysanthemum, by Kevin Henkes, your students will practice make sense of numerical values using their names as the “tool”.  Your students will:

  • Count the letters in their own names
  • Categorize their name in a graphic organizer by number of letters in their name
  • Analyze the graphic organizer, discuss which names have more letters and less
    letters, using the terms “greater than” and “less than”
  • Write the names of other students who have the same number of letters in their

**Purchasing both this 1 hour and the Math Bundle: “Chrysanthemum” Bundle: Categorizing & Adding/Subtracting,” will result in duplicated content.