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Counting to 120: Games “Making Lemonade,” “Harvest the Apples,” and “Count and Write the Room”

1st Grade • 1 Lesson Plan, Games

Lesson Plan Description

Grab this 1 hour of math games lesson!  When we have fun with what we are learning, we remember it.  Your 1st graders will not even know they are learning many different valuable math skills.  They will:

  • Collaborate with their peers and practice using the language of math
  • Use a number grid and determine the mystery missing numbers on a number line
  • Order numbers, “read” and write numbers using sequence words: before, between, or after
  • Subtilize or count dots on dice to practice “counting on” to 120

**Purchasing both this 1 hour and the Math Bundle: Counting to 120 Bundle,” will result in duplicate content.