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Decimals Through the Thousandths Place: Game “Bigger is Better –or- Less is Best!”

5th Grade • 1 Lesson Plan, Games

Lesson Plan Description

Need a pick-me-up lesson for decimal place value?  This is the 1 for you!  Grab this engaging and interactive game and use it as a review or even a formative assessment.  Your 5th graders will:

  • Explain the “why” of place value by reading and writing decimals through the thousandths place correctly with partners in order to compare two decimals or fractions to the thousandths place while playing a game where they will create and compare six-digit numbers through the thousandths place with partners
  • Complete an exit slip to help determine your next instructional steps

**Purchasing both this 1 hour and the Math Bundle: “Decimals Through the Thousandths Place Bundle,” will result in duplicate content.