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“The Crow and the Pitcher” Fable: Moral/Lesson

4th Grade • 1 Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Description

Understanding main idea or message/moral is a higher order thinking skill that requires constant practice!  This 1 hour close reading lesson  includes multiple opportunities to work with partners to practice determining the moral of the fable “The Crow and the Pitcher”.  Your students will:

  • Participate in a series of engaging close reading lessons with many opportunities to develop vocabulary through oral language practice
  • Ask and answer text dependent questions in order to…
    • Identify key details and determining the meaning of unknown vocabulary using context clues
    • Collaborate with peers to determine the central message or moral
    • Write a summary

**Purchasing both this 1 hour and the ELA Bundle: “The Crow and the Pitcher” Fable Bundle,” will result in duplicated content.