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Fable: The Crow and the Pitcher (Close Reading: Moral/Lesson)

4th Grade • 1 Hour Lesson
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Lesson Plan Description

This is a 1 hour ELA lesson plan addressing several ELA standards using the fable: “The Crow and the Pitcher”. This lesson includes: close reading comprehension techniques, key details, vocabulary, and central message (moral). Your students will synthesize the fable to discover key details and to find a central message. Students will do this through note taking, collaborative discussions with classmates, and writing a summary. To check for understanding, an optional assessment component is available for use at the end of the lesson.

**The content of this lesson is derived from a portion of the Half Day Lesson Plan: Fable: The Crow and the Pitcher. Purchasing both this 1 hour and the half day plan, will result in duplicated content.