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Informational Physical Science: “Space Junk: Earth’s Unofficial Ring” (Key Details and Vocabulary)

5th Grade • 1 Hour Lesson
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Lesson Plan Description

This is a 1-hour, fully scripted Fifth Grade lesson plan using the printable Informational Earth Science text “Space Junk: Earth’s Unofficial Ring,” by Jennifer Kaul. Your students will use close reading comprehension techniques (RI.5.1, RI.5.2, RI.5.3, & RI.5.4), independently analyze a text, and participate in partner and group discussions. Students will take literal interpretation of informational text to evaluation and synthesizing.

The text used in this lessons addresses the NGSS: ESS3.C: Human Impacts on Earth Systems Human activities in agriculture, industry, and everyday life have had major effects on the land, vegetation, streams, ocean, air, and even outer space. But individuals and communities are doing things to help protect Earth’s resources and environments.

**The content of this lesson is derived from a portion of the Half Day Lesson Plan: Informational Physical Science: “Space Junk: Earth’s Unofficial Ring.” Purchasing both this 1 hour and the half day plan, will result in duplicate content.