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Read and Write Numbers to 1,000 in Different Forms

2nd Grade • 1 Hour Lesson
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Lesson Plan Description

This 1 hour 2nd grade math lesson addresses Number in Base-Ten: Place Value to 1,000 (2.NBT.3). This lesson is intended to be a review lesson for students who have received instruction with base-ten blocks previously. Students will read and name numbers to 1,000, write numbers to 1,000, and write numbers using base-ten form and expanded form. The lesson begins with review of the value of base-ten blocks and then moves into whole group practice of writing numbers in word form, hundreds, tens, and ones, model form using base-ten illustrations, and finally expanded form. Students will then have the opportunity to practice with a partner. Finally, students will concludes with an place value matching sheet as an assessment component to check for understanding.

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